Who We Are?

New Beginnings

Our Adventure

Eden Greens started in Surrey as an initiative for sustainable, fresh and indoor grown produce. The idea was born from our love of plants, gardening and urban farming where we spent our summer days growing vegetables in our backyard for our family. 
As the days turned colder we looked for ways to continue growing but to avoid the  changing seasons. We came across the vibrant community of microgreen growers and controlled environment agriculture …… so we could still plant seeds and nurture plants….but avoiding the harsh climate outdoors! 
The biggest highlight of this discovery, thanks to the introduction of the idea from my very wise mother (thanks mom) was the unbelievable taste of these young, fresh herbs!
Our lives were transformed by fresh, living, tiny greens that packed a serious punch of flavour and zest. We were hooked.
Now our ever “growing” urban farm, located in our home is a part of our family’s daily life. Our kids have become a part of our growing process and our family is healthier for it.

The Next Step

Having discovered the power of Microgreens we had to share them with EVERYONE and make them more accessible. 

This was the establishment of Eden Greens Urban Farm where we began producing Healthy Organic food for the community and local restaurants. Over time we have harnessed our growing to produce healthy, vibrant and tasty Microgreens. We are expanding to include microgreen and baby leaf salad boxes as well as edible flowers which will compliment our current selection. 

We DO NOT use any form of harmful chemical, pesticide herbicide or bactericide on any of our produce. We grow both in organic soil or coconut coir mats with PH balanced water and a little Organic plant nutrient, Nothing more!!!

This means you are only getting the best the plant has to offer. 

Values we stand by

We feel it is important for you to know what we value in our produce.

  • Freshness Guaranteed
  • Organically Grown
  • Non GMO
  • No harmful chemicals
  • Grown with Passion
  • Locally supported by our community