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What are Microgreens

Microgreens are Super Nutritious

Why are microgreens so good for me? While the name suggests garnish, the irony of it is that these tiny greens actually have massive benefits to your diet and health. By simply improving your diet you can improve your lifestyle.  Microgreens are harvested up to 14 days after germination meaning they are packed with the … Microgreens are Super Nutritious Read More »

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The Superfood

Microgreens are a Superfood that are becoming more available through independent Urban Farmers. They are both delicious and nutritious

Grow your own Microgreens

We offer a variety of Grow your own Microgreen kits.Our kits contain everything you will need to grow Healthy Nutritious food in the comfort of your home either in the kitchen or on your windowsill.

Reward your taste buds

Book a weekly or monthly subscription and your microgreens will be delivered to you within hours of being harvested. Enquire about location proximity.